The King’s Beard

The King’s Beard

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The King’s Beard

    The King’s Beard is a brand designed by beard lovers for beard lovers. We are a team of bearded cool guys who decided that it’s time to take this trend to the next level. Some people say that wearing a beard makes you look older, shabby or like a homeless.

Become a King

When beard started to become popular, we realized that every man can look like a king without being ridiculous. As you can see, we all kept this trend because we all love beards. Some of us had worn it before the trend while others got the courage to become kings thanks to this cool trend.

May the beard be with you!

Actually, it doesn’t really matter how, when and why, all the matters is that each and every one of us can be proud of his majestic beard

Beard & Mustache Brush and Comb


  • BRUSH.  After you wash your beard with high-quality shampoo, make sure you brush it because you will make it softer.


    COMB. The comb will help soften your beard and it will also help you trim it when you want to do a little retouch.


    SCISSORS. Every cool guy wears a beard and each and every one of you should have his own beard scissor.


The King has returned to the Castle and its beard requires the proper care!

Let’s be honest, men really love their beards, they are proud of them, that’s why we can  help you with the complete beard kit tailored for a King’s Beard. 

As cool as it is, a beard requires a proper care with specially designed products. So, in order to have that soft and lovable beard of a King, you definitely need an expert’s tools!


With our complete kit, all your daily struggle will be long gone because taking care of your beard or moustache is now easy and fast. 

The scissors, the comb and the brush will offer you that trimmed and cleaned beard or moustache at any time of the day and basically anywhere. Take the kit with you in its special carrying bag and cleansing your beard or moustache while you are on vacation will be a lot easier. 


Whether it is a beard or moustache, you love it, we know that! When you walk into a room, your beard helps you attract all the looks. The chemistry between you is powerful and it can never be broken, no matter the challenge. 

Your beard deserves the best care, and so do you! Together you make  the most powerful team which can conquer any fear and can celebrate any victory. 

Be the King of your castle, take care of your beard or moustache and it will repay you with lots of admirable glances, worthy of a nice bearded King!

Interesting facts to read while caressing your beard:


Your beard is a great responsibility. If you leave it unwatched for a day, it will make you look like a Stone Age guy.

Girls love beards

A study showed that only 2 out of 10 women would choose a man without a beard. And those two are afraid of real men.

Comb it every morning

If you do that each morning, your beard will make you look like you just came out of the barber shop.

The King's Beard

Don’t mix the usual home accessories with the ones for your beard. For a perfect beard you need to have a special package for it. This way, you will save yourself from allergies, itches or any other harmful stuff that could ruin the style of your beard.  May the beard be with you!