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The King's Beard

about us

“This is totally inappropriate! This is outrageous!” we said.

  Our way of thinking was, and still is, a lot different than this inadequate opinion. The only way to prove it was to take care of our beards and make them look and feel Royal. 

Our story

Let’s face it, a neat beard is what makes you look cool.

But we want it to be much closer to that royal touch and this is how The King’s Beard came to our minds. Waking up with our beards ravished, we would call one another and discussed about tips and tricks on how to make it look cool in the morning way up till late in the evening. We gathered all these tips and tricks  over a couple of months of brainstorming and in the end it became reality in the shape of The King’s Beard grooming kit – a package designed for any kind of beard or moustache ready to make each beard and moustache look shiny and have that Royal aspect we were talking about.

It all happened fast. Having the beard as our passion and looking Royal, as a goal, it didn’t take us that long until we created this amazing brand able to make a simple bearded guy look like a royal man ready to impress. The grooming kit includes one bamboo brush, scissors and one double sided sandalwood comb.

They say that only kings can recognize queens, so the best way to find your queen is to look and act like a true king. It’s all possible if you make the choice.


Another deep saying sounds like this: A man without a beard is like a woman with a beard. If you have difficulties in understanding it, let’s put it this way: there’s a reason why God left us men with a beard, so let it grow.

Now, that we kind of reminded you why you should let your beard grow and why a man has to be a king, it’s time for you to take care of that cool beard and make yourself proud of wearing it. Remember that being a gentleman is a matter of choice but nobody can make that choice for you.

So it all started from these ideas and from the image we were seeing every day in the mirror. We realized that it is more than a trend and it will be forever alive and present in a gentleman’s life. It is one of those things that can purely define our manhood. It can be like gold for our style because a well-maintained beard goes excellent with any outfit and it can definitely increase one’s confidence.